Farmers & agricultural haulage contractors

Eastons are a farming and haulage business. We specialise in services to the food and renewable energy industries. Our farm grows arable crops for human and animal consumption, bales straw for biomass energy production and our bulk haulage business transports liquid and dry bulk goods for third party and own account.

Operating centres in East Anglia and the East Midlands allow us to cover a large part of the country. With over 80 years’ experience, Eastons’ heritage is rich and we’re proud of it.

Do take the time to find out more about us and our services. Please contact us if you have a water delivery or other haulage requirement.

Bulk food & biomass transport

The haulage business operates a fleet of food grade liquid tankers, bulk tippers, flatbed wagon & drags and flatbed LST artics. The goods we carry include milk, water, straw, haylage, IBCs, cereals, chalk and sugar beet.

Bulk liquid haulage

Eastons transport milk, water and other food grade liquids for a variety of customers. We’ve put together some case studies below so you can see whether your job might be similar to something we’ve done before.

Straw baling & contracting

We buy straw in the swath and bale into large hesston bales for contract.

Call us on 01953 789333 to discuss what we can do for you.

Case studies

Does your haulage requirement look similar to one of the jobs we've done before? Below is just some of the jobs we've undertaken for clients in the past.

Case study – cheese producer in Lincolnshire – deliver surplus milk from farm to dairy, ongoing

Our client is the buyer of the surplus milk of a producer retailer for a well-known brand of British cheese. When milk supply occasionally exceeds production, Eastons’ are instructed to transport the surplus to market on behalf of our client.

Case study – food manufacturer in Suffolk – trans-ship liquid sugar on client premises, 2013-2017

Our client needed to move large volumes of liquid sugar across their factory site for the production of sauces, pickles and other condiments. Eastons’ provided a dedicated transfer capacity in the form of a tanker trailer and gear pump to allow the swift transfer of the liquid sugar. The sugar had a specific gravity of 1.3, which was thicker than the liquids we had carried […]

Case study – garage in Norfolk – deliver water from storage to firefighting reservoir, 2020

Our client needed a trailer load of water to fill the emergency water reservoir on their recently constructed petrol station. Eastons’ delivered water from our holding tanks to the client’s premises within 24 hours.

Case study – maintenance contractor to a holiday park operator in Norfolk – drain & refill pool, 2016

Our client needed the rapid draining and refilling of their site’s swimming pool to coincide with out of season maintenance work. Eastons’ drained 150,000L of water over a day and refilled the following week once work had completed.

Case study – nurseries in Lincolnshire – deliver water from standpipe to site, 2018, 2020

Our client needed 100,000L per day of additional water delivered to their rainwater storage tanks during the summer dry spells, in 2018 and 2020. The client supplied a standpipe from Aquam Services from which to fill the tanker. Our drivers gained CALM Network accreditation in order to safely and correctly use the standpipe, and were able to deliver sufficient water to ensure our client was […]

Case study – poultry producer in Norfolk – deliver water from storage to premises holding tanks, ongoing

Our client suffers from low mains water pressure during dry spells. Water is critical to our client’s operation, both to maintain correct hygienic animal husbandry practice, and to ensure there is a reliable water supply for their livestock. Eastons’ deliver water in dry periods to ensure their operation can continue operating safely and effectively.

Case study – RAF Waddington runway refurbishment – deliver water to concrete batching plant, 2015

In 2014, the UK Ministry of Defence’s Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) announced £34.5m investment to refurbish the runway at RAF Waddington. Starting in January 2015, G Easton & Son Ltd were tasked by our client, VolkerFitzpatrick Ltd, to deliver over 1.8m litres of water to their mobile batching plant at RAF Waddington over a period of 6 months. Delivery timing to the batcher, water availability […]

Case study – chemical manufacturer in Norfolk – collect and deliver deionised water, 2008-2015

Our client requested the delivery of loads of deionised water from their manufacturing site to various commercial end user sites, such as power stations, paint factories and chemical manufacturers, in the East of England.