Case study – food manufacturer in Suffolk – trans-ship liquid sugar on client premises, 2013-2017

Our client needed to transport large volumes of liquid sugar across their factory site for the production of sauces, pickles and other condiments. Eastons’ provided a dedicated transfer capacity in the form of a tanker trailer and gear pump to allow the swift transfer of the liquid sugar. The sugar had a specific gravity of 1.3, which was thicker than the liquids we had carried previously. The liquid’s sweetness and viscosity presented unique challenges to overcome for the job.

Eastons’ can dedicate food grade tankers to particular foodstuffs. Our Cleaning in Place unit allows us to cleanse and sanitise tanks before and after each use. Each food grade tanker trailer has a detailed load profile and wash history to ensure cleanliness and traceability. Allocating trailers to discrete tasks manages the risk of allergens or other contamination in the supply chain.

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Easton tanker transferring liquid sugar, 2016
Liquid sugar intake, 2016