Straw baling in Norfolk & North Suffolk

Straw bale contracting

We offer a local straw baling service at harvest time. We buy most combinable crop straw swaths – barley, oats, OSR, pea, rye and wheat – and bale it into large square bales for biomass power generation.

High blackgrass straw bought

We can bale high blackgrass and other high weed grass content straw. This won’t affect the price you receive for your straw.

Prompt baling and clearance

Our grower orientated straw baling service means you can get on with cultivations. As growers ourselves we know how important it is that straw sold to a straw contractor is gathered, baled, stacked and removed as quickly as possible.

Prompt payment

We also recognise the value of receiving prompt settlement for straw sold. That’s why we aim to submit purchase advice as soon as possible after harvest, and arrange full payment upon agreement with our suppliers of the final bale count.

We are also able to bale straw intended for your own use. Please contact us to discuss buying or selling straw.

Straw haulage

Eastons provide a variety of transport services that offer cost effective solutions without compromise to service. Our straw wagons move big bale straw from farms into renewable energy plants and remote storage sites. We also move own account straw baled, stored and sold by F.H. Easton Ltd.

We operate a mixed fleet of power station spec. flatbed drawbar and LST artic combinations. Our trucks are capable of loading 36 4’x4′ or 48 3’x4′ large hesston straw bales, or 102 80x90x120 haylage bales. All trucks are plated to 44t permitting the carriage of 8-string high density and Grade B bales.

We are proud of our skilled and dedicated drivers. Their work ensures that our suppliers’ and customers’ needs are fulfilled, whatever the weather, time or day.

Please contact us to discuss collecting or delivering baled straw.

Easton truck FL19 PGE by wind turbines in Hertfordshire
Easton straw wagon loaded in Hertfordshire, 2019.