Water haulage

Eastons fulfill water haulage jobs for a variety of customers. Previous jobs have included draining and refilling a country park’s swimming pool, topping up rainwater storage reservoirs at a commercial nurseries, and delivering seawater to a national research laboratory.

Our stock of food grade reinforced and lay-flat hose can fulfill a variety of access requirements. The tanker’s pipework is capable of interfacing with a variety of pipe fittings, including instantaneous couplings, 2.5″ RJT and 2″ camlock quick-connect. Vacuum and hydraulic pumping systems are available for different scenarios.

Hiring a licensed standpipe can often make water jobs more efficient. Our CALM network trained drivers can safely operate 40mm standpipes supplied by Aquam Services for Anglian Water’s network.

As a dedicated regional provider, Eastons’ rates compare favourably with specialist national water delivery services.

We invite you to take a look at our case studies and contact us to discuss our pricing and availability.

Which pipe fittings do Eastons carry?

Eastons work in the food industry, so our tankers are all fitted with 3″ RJT male couplings on the outlets as standard and our pipework is either 2″ or 2 1/2″ in diameter. However, we also carry adapters for instantaneous and camlock quick connect couplings, and we can make up other thread adapters upon request.

Fitting nameAlso known asCommon diametersMaterialsCarried?Properties
BauerLever lock, agri lockGalvanised steel, stainless steel2″-8″Designed to create a leak free seal at high pressures. Optimised for sludge and solids.
BSPPolypropelene, brass, alu, stainless steelVariousCommon UK thread pattern for a variety of uses.
CamlockQuick connect, cam and groovePolypropelene, brass, alu, stainless steel2″2″ PolyDesigned for rapid coupling and release. Used in the food and chemical industries, often found on IBCs.
InstantaneousFire hose fitting, John Morris coupling, BS336 couplingPolypropelene, brass, alu, stainless steel2 1/2″StainlessDesigned for rapid coupling and release. Used in the UK water mains network
RJTHygienic couplingStainless steel2 1/2″, 3″2 1/2″Designed with a coarse thread for frequent dismantling and cleaning.
StorzBrass, alu, stainless steel2″-3″Designed with identical locking heads to eliminate M:F couplings. Often used for connecting lengths of lay flat hose together.
URPUrban Round ThreadedPolypropelene, brass, alu, stainless steel3″-4″Designed with a coarse thread for applications where grit and debris might otherwise prevent coupling.